Having some “fun” with DNS and SLL. Making a very large move over to Ghost today and waited around 48 hours for Cloudflares SSL to update for new site, and then 8 hours for DNS to start updating on old site. Very slow an painful process that I will be blogging about soon for sure.

Ready Player One is by far one of my favorite books that I have ever read. After watching the first trailer today for the film I am excited and worried all at the same time. I love the initial look of Oasis, but concerned about the weird race that is a highlight of the trailers, but not in the book at all. I am hoping for the best, but we shall see!

I am absolutely in love with Oats Studios. I have always enjoyed Neill Blomkamp’s work in the past and his studio is doing some fantastic work on original shorts and hope they get the support to go full-scale.

Baby Drive… The Micro Review: Walked in not knowing what to expect from this movie, although it was written & directed by Edgar Wright. I was BLOWN away by this movie. Music was amazing, characters I actually chared about, and great action that wasn’t over the top. It was fun, funny, and all around a great movie. Go see this movie!

Its official my Nexus 6P is dead and Google’s amazing customer service has refunded me fully even though i bought it 20 months ago. Now on myolder Nexus 6 and I’m refusing to install apps unless they are essential. We will see how this goes.

The time is now for all of my libraries. Switching to .NET Standard and dropping support for < UWP, but adding tvOS, watchOS, and macOS where I can. Pretty excited about these packages. Blog post coming on it in the near future with nice enhancements.

Pretty sure I am going to register for PodCon, which seems awesome and is here in Seattle! For $100 I don’t think I can pass it up as a podcaster :)